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The predatory political agenda behind the nuclear deal

'In my mind, the current team at the Treasury stands between the predatory elite and the state coffers'

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Blockchain platform approved by 70 major financial institutions

Blockchain, which originated in the digital currency bitcoin, works as a web-based transaction-processing and settlement system

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Government moves on Australian mining company over environmental damage

These beaches are backed by steep, unstable sea cliffs. Consequently all mining was forbidden in a buffer zone

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Gordhan on Zuma: 'He is my president so I have to have very good relations with him'

'Everything is fine; we are busy preparing for the medium-term Budget policy statement'

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JSE probing Gupta firm over money movements

The flagging by the banks was in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which is used to identify money laundering and tax evasion


Xhanti Payi

Ratings agencies are not, as some believe, advisers to the government

They should not be seen as a force to influence South Africa's economic management

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