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Why did ratings agencies ignore key weaknesses in the SA economy?

Given utterly zany politics and the stagnant economy, why was South Africa not downgraded all the way to junk?

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Why a Zuma purge is on its way

"The National Treasury is particularly vulnerable because so much rides on fiscal policy decisions"

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South Africa: You have been warned

The “underlying strong and converging messages” of the rating agencies sends a clear signal

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Eskom director gets 20 years for fraud

Dawid Malherbe and his company were convicted earlier this year of fraud and money laundering

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Inside South Africa's new energy plan

"Unsurprisingly, the nuclear industry and its supporters have reacted very negatively to the new draft"


Xhanti Payi

Ratings agencies are not, as some believe, advisers to the government

They should not be seen as a force to influence South Africa's economic management

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