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Why a Zuma purge is on its way

"The National Treasury is particularly vulnerable because so much rides on fiscal policy decisions"

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South Africa: You have been warned

The “underlying strong and converging messages” of the rating agencies sends a clear signal

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Eskom director gets 20 years for fraud

Dawid Malherbe and his company were convicted earlier this year of fraud and money laundering

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Inside South Africa's new energy plan

"Unsurprisingly, the nuclear industry and its supporters have reacted very negatively to the new draft"

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Fitch downgrades outlook for SA economy: Read the full statement

"ANC factional battles may undermine government efforts to improve the governance of SOEs"

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Vietnam cans Russian nuclear deal: A lesson for South Africa

'Vietnam is only the latest in a long list of countries that have postponed or abandoned their plans for nuclear new-build'

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South Africa skating on thin ice as rating announcement looms

Government has no choice but to introduce much needed and widely advocated structural reforms

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Government puts the brakes on nuclear power - but Eskom says it's going ahead

Eskom said it will still request proposals this year from companies looking to build plants

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Inside Eskom's finances: A financial tsunami in the making

With government financial exposure to the power utility at R368.5 billion, this is serious for the country

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Government and business - Where did it all go wrong?

'The few individuals and companies that raised their voices were swiftly and violently cut off at the knees by their political interlocutors'

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Why I am quitting Eskom - Full statement

'I go now, because it is in the interests of Eskom and the public it serves, that I do so'

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Why Brian Molefe should keep his hands off nuclear energy

'Even if Eskom was not receiving government support, procurement of nuclear would still be a threat to the economy and an indirect threat to public finances'

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WATCH: Brian Molefe explains #SaxonwoldShebeen

In which the head of Eskom clarifies what he meant when he talked about a 'shebeen in Saxonwold'

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WATCH: Brian Molefe explains his frequent visits to Saxonwold. Apparently, there's a shebeen there

Eskom CEO explains that his frequent visits to Saxonwold had nothing to do with the Guptas

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WATCH: Eskom CEO Brian Molefe breaks down in tears over state capture report

Molefe broke down and walked out of a briefing on Eskom's results over claims he was part of the Gupta state capture strategy

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The predatory political agenda behind the nuclear deal

'In my mind, the current team at the Treasury stands between the predatory elite and the state coffers'

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Blockchain platform approved by 70 major financial institutions

Blockchain, which originated in the digital currency bitcoin, works as a web-based transaction-processing and settlement system

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Government moves on Australian mining company over environmental damage

These beaches are backed by steep, unstable sea cliffs. Consequently all mining was forbidden in a buffer zone

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Gordhan on Zuma: 'He is my president so I have to have very good relations with him'

'Everything is fine; we are busy preparing for the medium-term Budget policy statement'

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JSE probing Gupta firm over money movements

The flagging by the banks was in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which is used to identify money laundering and tax evasion

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Nazeem Howa quits Gupta-owned Oakbay due to 'poor health'

The announcement came a day after Oakbay was named in court papers for a slew of dodgy transactions

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Movement of R1.5bn from Standard Bank was legitimate business practice, says Gupta-owned company

'This is yet another example of groundless innuendo circulated by some media which Oakbay has proven to be totally false'

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Prepare for an 'economic train smash' if Gordhan is fired

Ratings will fall, funds will leave South Africa and the rand will grow even weaker

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Why medical aid is about to go up by 10 percent or more

15 of 23 open medical aids - meaning anyone can join them - incurred losses

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SA economy turning the corner, says upbeat Gordhan

'We are going through a difficult economic patch at the moment… but we may well have bottomed out'

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What the latest ratings agencies move really means

Let’s hope that by November we can indeed claim stability in our investment grade

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Cosatu announces nationwide strike against everything in general

It will embark on the industrial action in response to hardships that vulnerable workers are exposed to

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Reuel Khoza: See? I told you so

'I was vindicated in observing that the moral caution of our nation is degenerating'

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Zuma is a walking disaster for SA, says Pityana

'Because of Zuma‚ SA is now one step closer to a sovereign downgrade‚ which will have disastrous implications'

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JSE censures top ANC man over share trading

The trades in question took place on August 6‚ 7 and 11 2015

Business needs to change and stop blaming others for South Africa's ills

A change of attitude by SA business leaders can help address some of the country's key socioeconomic challenges

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SANRAL slashes e-toll bills in desperate bid to get money

Outa said it was aware of hundreds of motorists who had been offered huge discounts

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Gordhan signs off on SAA guarantee

Deal contingent on the potential introduction of a strategic equity partner

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'I told Oakbay CEO to go to court if they have nothing to hide'

Finance minister says he‚ Treasury director-general Lungisa Fuzile and three other officials met Nazeem Howa and on May 24 in Pretoria

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The do's and don'ts of doing business in Africa's second largest economy

A decision by Sun International to pull out of Nigeria raises many questions about the conditions of doing business in the West African country

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Top economist warns on government meddling with banks

Azar Jammine says there is no need to review the structures that monitor the banking sector because Gupta accounts were closed

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ANC: Futuregrowth is wrong about bad state of state-owned enterprises

'The ANC is concerned by the posture adopted by Futuregrowth'

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Eskom to hand 172-page 'Gupta contract report' to Treasury

'After speaking to the minister this morning‚ we will provide information even though the board has not sat yet'

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SAA needs R16bn, days after saying it could pay its debts

South African Airlines is seeking secured and unsecured funding

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Invicta's failure to come clean and the problems that follow

Once a rising industrial star, it has fallen on hard times lately, its share price shedding 47% in the past three years

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Is nuclear energy really the 'cheapest source of electricity'?

The government's nuclear ambitions are controversial. But are they likely to provide the country with the 'cheapest source of electricity'?

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Business writes to Zuma: Stop this sinister behaviour

'The consequences will be devastating for our economy'

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Stop the war on Pravin Gordhan

Statement by 21 economists from SA's leading universities condemns persecution of finance minister

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Reports of Gordhan's imminent arrest move markets

JSE rises as rand weakens substantially overnight

Patience is wearing thin with obscene executive pay

For years, local investors ignored the fact that SA firms listed in London paid their CEOs so much more

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South Africa must free itself from the burden of owning SAA

The cost to SA of maintaining the ownership of South African Airways is proving to be unbearably expensive. It's time to let the struggling carrier go

Eskom's perverse celebrations

Demand has fallen so catastrophically that the power utility 'celebrated' a year without load shedding last week. We should be weeping, not rejoicing

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Four workable fees options to open university access

Most African pupils have no chance at university because secondary education is highly inequitable and bridging programmes are limited

Daniel Matjila — An enemy of the forces of state capture

The mathematician gets why it's crucial that the PIC doesn't fall into the hands of people who would allow it to be bent to the will of politically connected vampires

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Treasury: There's no money for 0% university fee increase

'For the current year we have not budgeted for a 0% fee increase,' Fees Commission is told

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South Africa is the continent's largest economy (again). What does it mean?

SA has claimed back its status of the largest economy in Africa, toppling Nigeria, due to the appreciation of the rand. What's prompted the movement?

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Numbers point to surprise 'economic rebound' for SA

'The South African economy rebounded in Q2, thus avoiding a technical recession'

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Will Nationwide judgment be the straw that breaks SAA's back?

A court has ordered the national carrier to pay R104-million plus interest to Nationwide Airlines for anticompetitive conduct

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Court orders SAA to pay R105m for uncompetitive conduct

It is another financial blow for the cash-strapped airline and it might face a further court bill

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How city coalitions will influence economic policy

Will the ANC feel the need to move to the left after the election outcome?

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What do Brett Kebble, J Arthur Brown and Hlaudi Motsoeneng have in common?

The auction industry has been painted as a haven for shady people. An anonymous bid to target journalists only reinforces that view

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How corporate governance has collapsed at SAA

It is difficult to imagine a more toxic, terrifying and politically charged corporate environment

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Rand holds onto gains after reaching nine-month high

The local currency pushed to R13.6685 to the greenback on Thursday after the Bank of England introduced a package of stimulus measures

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Another tax loophole is about to close

There are only a few days left to comment on proposed changes that would bring interest-free or low-interest loans into SARS's tax net

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SA will pay a high price for Eskom's trajectory

Eskom is on the wrong path propping up smelters and cutting support for renewables and energy efficiency

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Gauteng running out of petrol as election day looms

More stations in parts of Pretoria and Johannesburg reported shortages yesterday

The end of Nigeria's Champagne days

Nigerians are battening down the hatches for one of the worst economic periods in recent history

Eskom: Major tool of patronage defends its turf

If I was Eskom, I'd be scared about the future. If IPPs are more efficient, it is inevitable that power utility's role in the overall mix will shrink

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The rand kicked the dollar's ass this weekend. Why?

A combination of factors resulted in the local currency breaching the elusive R14 to the dollar mark

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SAA bleeding money with R1.4bn loss in first quarter

SAA has not finalised its annual financial statements for 2014-15

Mall turf wars: Shoprite vs Game

A legal spat between Shoprite and Game highlights how exclusive-lease agreements may be more complex than they seem

Spotlight on mega-fees in the private equity world

Forget medicine and law, today's savvy parents would do well to urge their kids to take up a career in high finance

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Eskom workers to strike

The strike will cause damage to business, NUM general-secretary David Sipunzi told a media briefing

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Petrol stations running dry as strike bites

An estimated 15‚000 workers in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors began to strike on Thursday

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Big drop in petrol price on its way

'The Rand has continued its recent march against the US dollar‚ with an almost uninterrupted two-month streak of gains'

Eskom: A child of apartheid suckling on a new teat

Monopolies have the same effect on economies as cartels do. They charge consumers what they like — and what they like is inevitably high

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And the richest person in the world is ...

Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates was worth a cool $77.7 billion

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UN warns 23 million farmers in Southern Africa at high risk

'We must make the most of this small window of opportunity and make sure that farmers are ready to plant by October'

The energy mix Eskom doesn't want you to know about

One of the biggest headaches for the power utility's nuclear bid is that no one seems to be able to provide an objective price for nuclear energy

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SA will avoid a recession this year — Reserve Bank

Last week the South African Reserve Bank kept its benchmark interest rate on hold saying a weak economy had persuaded it to pause a hiking cycle

Business as much to blame as anyone for low growth

Simply improving the formal economy will not solve the problem

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SARS employs debt collectors to collect unpaid taxes

Three agencies have been chosen to collect R15-billion in tax debt older than four years. They have access to SARS’s database and have been sworn to secrecy

Why young people struggle to get into business

Inclusiveness that makes economies dynamic and creates jobs is about opening up the playing field, not just levelling

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Eskom is about to make a huge mistake

Switching off independent power producers will be a blow to SA’s world-acclaimed renewables programme — one of the country's rare successes

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SARS must treat Zuma and Malema the same

The South African Revenue Service is bound by constitutional values in the application of tax laws, including 'donations' to Jacob Zuma

Why Eskom's Brian Molefe is pumping up the nuclear propaganda

The issue of relative costs is an area in which Eskom likes to play fast and loose with facts. Molefe, for instance, loves to talk about the relative cheapness of nuclear power

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Gordhan throws down the gauntlet: SAA needs a whole new board

'Once that board is in place, we require an experienced management team'

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BUSINESS SCHOOL: What led to the fall of Yahoo?

'Some people said mail. Some people said news. Some people said search'

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The benefits of a minimum wage

Inequality and working poverty are at crisis levels. SA should move swiftly to adopt a national minimum wage

How the cheats make millions at your expense

Cheating is crooked, but what about if you're breaking the rules because you think they're wrong?

It's crunch time for declaring offshore assets to the government

New measures don't necessarily let applicants off the hook for being investigated in some cases

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Penuell Maduna battles ex-wife over BEE millions

He clinched the Sasol deal just two years after leaving the cabinet in 2004

When investors are fed up with huge salaries

Investec has rubbed some investors up the wrong way by lavishing huge salaries on its top brass

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Guptas stand to cream it from R800m Transnet contract

Global Softech Solutions (GSS)‚ owned by the Gupta’s Sahara Systems is a sub-contractor in the deal

We had better heed the IMF's dire warning: Change or die

The lecture IMF deputy MD David Lipton delivers is a warning and a supplication. Change or die

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SAA deal-maker under fire as R250m deal is scrapped

\What enabled a virtually unknown middleman - Daniel Mahlangu of BnP Capital - to obtain a R250m deal?

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The devastating financial blow of #FeesMustFall

Universities have resorted to taking some creative steps to bring in cash after President Zuma bowed to students and announced a 0% fee increase

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SAA dumps BnP Capital after outcry over dodgy deal

'The effect of this decision means that SAA has terminated both its appointment of BnP Capital as Transaction Advisor'

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Reserve Bank predicts 0% growth, holds rates unchanged

It puts 2017 growth at 1.1%, from a previous 1.3% forecast

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The inside story of the world's biggest bank heist

When hackers tried to steal nearly $1-billion from Bangladesh's central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York failed to spot warning signs

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What SA needs to do to break Eskom's stranglehold

Eskom's opposition to competitive independent power producers is not unexpected: that is what dominant incumbent utilities do

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Eskom pulls plug on private power production

Concerns are increasing within the utility that private producers will undermine Eskom's future revenue streams

Rob Davies — Our communist minister against trade and industry

He will never reverse the tsunami of antibusiness laws, taxes and policies. He will ensure that SA remains closed for business

Why the SA economy can't get off the ground

It is time to do away with simple notions of growth and look closer at the critical nuances

What South Africa can learn from investment-hungry Britain

Brexit government's openness to advice is in stark contrast to SA's government


Xhanti Payi

Ratings agencies are not, as some believe, advisers to the government

They should not be seen as a force to influence South Africa's economic management