Zuma and the foul smelling brew

"It was a familiar scene for me watching the NEC fail to oust the president from his post. He’s embedded"

Why the ANC Women's League should be marching to Home Affairs

"This abuse of women‘s rights remains largely ignored"

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Is there a 'good ANC' in your fantasies?

In case you‘re confused, the good ANC is the one that‘s going to “self-correct”

Why Jacob Zuma reminds me of snake woman

"I felt every imagined slight or slur with the intensity of a sledgehammer coming down on an ant"

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Record R90m paid for Clifton house

"We were recently offered R3.5-million rental for a two-week period over Christmas and New Year by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company"

Why are we outraged by racism but not by rape?

My sense is that we simply do not care as much about rape as we do about racism, or many other crimes

A breech in the final frontier

"The spiritual danger looming over all of humankind was a boy with an earring and long hair"

When a childhood is lived in horror

We prayed from the safe, secure comfort of our little world where nothing bad was possible

Opinion — written, spoken, Tweeted, sprayed on walls — is intellectual junk food

A black South African feminist backed Trump because “that bitch” had “rigged the primaries” against Bernie Sanders

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John Robbie is to leave 702

'Just as I ended my rugby career‚ I knew when it was time to go and informed my bosses'

Where your taxes go: The fantasy and the reality

'We all knew before. We‘ve known since the Arms Deal. Hell, we‘ve known since Sarafina 2. But now we know that we know'

Why I have hope for this country

The sun cleared, and I felt that the people had won

Cruising through the red light of the law

There isn’t a fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse named “Being A Dick On The Roads”

Tom Moyane, the star of the Theatre of the Absurd

The power of suggestion: that’s what Pravin is up against

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My youngsters started university exams today. Here's what it was like

'The police arrived and started shooting rubber bullets at everyone so Jack and his friends had to run away'

The day that Bob Dylan spoke to my black pain

'I flop onto a bean bag and begin reading notes, but the music grabs me by the throat'

Poor Bob, forced to make a fortune with his hands

'As a humanities graduate, I find the story of Poor Bob more and more interesting'

A brush with the racist underbelly of the new South Africa

'Because she is black, she has been lumped together with all the thieves and crooks and murderers'

Mike and the mechanics of mansplaining

'You‘re mansplaining,' she snapped, and arrived 40 minutes late, complaining about the traffic

A seven point plan for surviving South Africa's political wars

'The bar has been lowered so far that ground zero feels like progress'

When the powerful smear the innocent

'Someone, a mysterious person who wished to remain anonymous, had sent a letter to the authorities '

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When the powerful smear the innocent

'Someone, a mysterious person who wished to remain anonymous, had sent a letter to the authorities '

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Bob Dylan: A date in the desert with the master of disdain

'It‘s your turn, and you‘re Bob Dylan, and when you walk out in the violet dusk in your wide-brimmed white hat the air shimmers with heat waves of concentrated love'

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What Girl on the Train teaches us: We are all little liars

Questions pop out of the vertiginous twists and turns: Should marriage be a life-sentence?

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Rob Davies is wrong about South Africans being the world's biggest alcohol consumers

Davies claimed that 'South Africa currently has the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world'

An ode to outgoing public protector Thuli Madonsela

I salute a woman who inspires me and makes me want to be a better person, and sincerely hope she will find my Saturday Night Live/ Spitting Image style script funny

How a loathsome journalist stole four novels' beauty

Elena Ferrante refused to write under her real name, refused to promote her books or participate in the glittering trap of publicness, of publicity

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Sol Plaatje and the art of the human condition

Since the writing of history is partisan Plaatje felt it incumbent that black writers should offer their own interpretations

How to be nice to American refugees

'Try to lift their spirits with hearty meals. But remember that very few Americans have ever eaten real food'

Universities are a strand in an unraveling fabric

Some are claiming that the burning of books, art and buildings is the first step in the implosion of our society

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World's top predator holds meeting to decide fate of other species

CITES is an international agreement designed to protect the flora and fauna threatened by commercial exploitation

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WATCH: Farewell Mandoza

Tears and memories as kwaito superstar is laid to rest

Hunter S Thompson and Hemmingway's antlers

Thompson visited the Hemingway house and admired the fine set of antlers hanging over the front door

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The future of Africa's elephants will be decided at the end of this month

The ministers suggest that allowing trade in ivory would represent the “most effective strategy”

Listen carefully. It's the most important news in the world

'The tone remained resolutely uniform, whether reporting on the Nazi invasion of Poland or the winner of the Chelsea Flower Show'

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My friend Mandoza

Mandoza was that song‚ and that song was him. Powerful‚ courageous‚ energetic‚ raw‚ fun and most of all‚ kasi

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Mandoza 'waited more than three hours for ambulance'

Ntaopane added that Mpho was in a flat panic when she called‚ saying that things “weren't looking good"

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RIP Mandoza: Nation says farewell to a legend

Mandoza died in hospital on Sunday around midday

A lesson I learned from Steve Biko: Stand up and do your bit

If we expect accountability from those in power, we have to come to the party and be accountable ourselves

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What can we expect from SA at CoP 17?

As the countdown begins to the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties for CITES, conservationists question what can be expected from host South Africa

An old bottle of Old Spice, Einstein's brain and Lenin's body

'No matter how sophisticated we become, there runs through us all a deep streak of superstition'

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The answers to Jonathan Jansen's knowledge quiz

Yesterday, Prof Jansen challenged you to test your general knowledge. Here are the answers

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How the vulnerable are lulled into a debt trap

A case study of how Leticha Marinana was preyed upon by creditors

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How South Africa is becoming a closed society

'We have regressed from having a global foreign policy, to an African foreign policy, to a local, inward-looking foreign policy'

Test your knowledge: Answer these ten simple questions

I ask you to take the test and answer honestly and alone, without calling on the internet

Better bonding is done in the bar than on a bosberaad

Why don't bored HR types just put employees in a big room and give them alcohol?

Star Trek: Some shows go boldly where no others have gone before

I can't help wondering: will Game of Thrones or True Detective be celebrated in 50 years? Probably not

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Cape Town is SA's femicide capital‚ study reveals

Data was collected from autopsy reports of female bodies admitted at Salt River Forensic Pathology Laboratory in Cape Town

We're forced to fly overseas sparingly and SAA doesn't make it any easier

Local editor miffed after airline refuses to compensate him after 10-hour delay at OR Tambo International Airport

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Why SA's murder rate may continue to rise

South Africa has stubbornly high rates of violent crime. More concerning, though, is that the latest crime stats suggest the recent increase in murders is not slowing

Maybe doing things differently isn't the worst idea in the world

Next week I'll write this column left-handed, just to see what happens

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The solution to South Africa's violent crime problem

The foundations for violence and criminality are laid one to two decades before society feels the effects

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'A child is a replacement for an unwilling woman' — Study probes sex offenders

For the study, interviews were conducted with 27 incarcerated sex offenders

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Are South Africa's universities on the slippery slope?

UCT dropped 20 places and Wits fell by 28 places in the latest world university rankings

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SA's murder rate shoots up

3842 people murdered in Gauteng, 3649 in the Eastern Cape

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Slavery, colonialism and school rules: A history of myths about black hair

In slave societies, white women would often hack off the hair of their enslaved female servants because it supposedly 'confused white men'

'Kroes' or not, hair is a race thing

Given our history it should not surprise that schools stuck in another century still make hair an issue when their job is to teach the subject matter

Without blind faith, it's impossible to believe in South Africa

Faith is belief without evidence, or without accepting evidence. You ignore Nkandla, Marikana and the Guptas; and you decide that the con man isn't a con man

Fighting food fraud — the manipulation, substitution or mislabelling of food

Traceability could offer consumers guarantee that their food has not been tampered with

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Masipa dismisses state's application for leave to appeal Oscar's sentence

Judge Thokozile Masipa said she was not persuaded that there were reasonable prospects of success on appeal

A Polokwane led by mayor Julius Malema?

The EFF is now the leading opposition in Limpopo's capital city, where the party went from zero to 28.21% of the total vote

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When her lips pulled back to reveal the vast steppes of her immaculate dentistry

'I was wearing my good jersey, so diving through glass was out of the question'

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Majority of women in SA aren't benefiting from gender equality gains

Gender-based violence against women is high across all racial and economic demographics and costs SA between R28.4-billion and R42.4-billion yearly

When prejudice parades as science

The problem is not Caster Semenya. It is the failure of society to acknowledge what has always existed but been politely denied

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Who inherits your partner's estate if you're not married?

The Constitutional Court has decided on the issue of whether unmarried life partners may inherit twice before

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All Herman Mashaba has to do is enforce Joburg's bylaws

Neels Blom draws up a list of jobs for Joburg's new regime

Rio 2016: Losers will always be antagonistic towards winners

All that 'everyone is a winner' stuff they teach kids at progressive kindergartens is really a monumental waste of time

Why do you lose credits when you migrate to a new MTN contract?

When the Gavin Fowler's contract expired, he decided to commit to a cheaper MTN package, but the network refused to transfer his airtime

Are there any cases involving women that give us hope this month?

The struggle to have the rights of women respected is just as vital today as it was in 1956, but the confrontations are on different fronts

Is Tshwane ready for Solly Msimanga and a team of eager auditors?

Many people with swanky suits and fancy titles are about to start looking for real jobs

The Olympic Games are biased against the unfit

Talented individuals could once attain glory without having to run around

The humble virtues that underpin Wayde's success

He recently gave R500 000 to a neonatal unit at Cape Town's Groote Schuur hospital where he was born

The future Thuli Madonsela is putting her health at risk

The new vulnerable face of people most at risk of contracting HIV/Aids are young women between the ages of 15 and 34

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Rustenburg — where 'one in four women has been raped'

'For many women, sexual violence has become part of their daily lives. Violence is routine'

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Mario Ambrosini was right about medical marijuana

The private member's bill should be withdrawn, in favour of an effort to produce, register and schedule a cannabinoid prescription drug

Fake news should be treated like fake banknotes

Counterfeit information undermines our faith in our institutions, in our news gatherers, even in each other

'Bonded leather' — Leather's very poor, distant cousin

Retailer vows to make sure would-be buyers know exactly what bonded leather really is

Bad weather's role in labour relations

Everyone knows about Cape Town's often appalling weather, but until now I had not heard of it playing a role in court

Helen Zille & Gwede Mantashe can't dampen my love for electoral democracy

Politicians certainly shoot their mouths off when elections come around but don't get around to doing a great deal

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Should you be prosecuted for exposing someone to HIV?

Many have been found guilty despite lack of scientific evidence

My seven 'secrets' of success

Serendipity plays a part in our lives — but so does common sense and lots hard work

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New number plates with national flag announced

Proposal that plates be changed every five years

What do rape and land expropriation have in common?

It is blatantly false that only women are sexually abused and only whites stand to lose property rights

The dearth of political choices

Does anyone remember the PAC? It's the party that used to threaten to drive white people into the sea. Now? Oblivion

Voting queues: A great aggregator of South Africans

All our lives are there in those supple threads — the big historical narratives and the small ones that mean a lot to you and nothing to anyone else

Why I just can't tell you who I'm voting for

'If you’re up for some vintage democratic hand-wringing, I’m your guy'

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Familicides — Inside the scourge of apartheid family murders

During the 1980s, coverage of SA family murders suggested something was 'wrong' with white society — and with the white Afrikaans men seen as perpetrators

It looks, feels and smells like leather, but is it leather?

'Bonded leather' can legally be called 'leather' in SA. It shouldn't be because it's only a few leather shavings away from being totally synthetic

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We did not reject naked painting of Zille, Maimane, says gallery

'When he took the piece in a white lady at the gallery shouted at him in shock. She told him it was disgusting'

A boy lodged in a society that gives white kids a hand

I escaped because I could read well and I knew how to write exams. I learnt how to stay safe from the world but Tommy only ever learnt to fight

Jacob Zuma has a solution to all of SA's problems

The Zuma administration has taken us from healthy growth in 2008 down to zero growth

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WARNING: Not all lottery winners live happily ever after

A man has stepped forward to claim the country's massive R87-million Powerball jackpot

The night I took a date-rape drug by accident

I needed to call for help but standing and walking caused me to deteriorate so rapidly that I never reached the telephone on the far side of the bed

When your write-off insurance payout won't get you a replacement

If the cost of repairs is more than 70% of the value of the car, the insurers will deem it a write-off and the owner gets a payout rather than a repair

The municipality that redefined a mushroom

A productive farm that employed 120 people became the subject of a legal dispute about what exactly was growing there

It's up to us to prove Bill Gates right

Praising the ingenuity of Africans, the Microsoft founder says we have the bravery, passion and stamina to overcome our challenges

Gugu Zulu — A national treasure gone too soon

In a small way, Zulu was to car racing what Williams is to tennis. He demystified the sport

If Julius Malema sings your praises, your economy is doomed

Remember how we were told that the future of SA would be bright if we followed the Venezuelan economic model?

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Pistorius family angry at decision to appeal sentence

'Oscar never denied that he shot Reeva. Where does the prosecutor want to take this now?'

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What the NPA said about Judge Masipa

'The sentence of six years' imprisonment does not adequately reflect the seriousness of the crime of murder'