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GTi Clubsport Edition 40 — Perfect answer to a mid-life crisis

The Clubsport is by far and away the best GTi I have ever driven. I prefer it over the 'R' too

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The Jaguar F-Pace ticks all the boxes

I expect to see a good few of them around and I expect their drivers to be very happy

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Mercedes S-Class cabriolet: Powerful with unique ability to transform itself

S-Class cabriolet goes to pretty much every effort imaginable to cosset you from the vulgarities of the world

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The little Kia with a lot of Soul

If a million bucks is out of your league for a family runaround, I found the new Kia Soul to be quite an excellent, urban-proof little car

Mercedes E-Class — renewed focus on technology and connectivity

However you look at it, it is a superb piece of engineering and technology. Whether it beats its rivals, we will only be able to tell after spending a little more time with it

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Sun Dec 04 18:10:33 SAST 2016