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GTi Clubsport Edition 40 — Perfect answer to a mid-life crisis

The Clubsport is by far and away the best GTi I have ever driven. I prefer it over the 'R' too

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The Jaguar F-Pace ticks all the boxes

I expect to see a good few of them around and I expect their drivers to be very happy

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Mercedes S-Class cabriolet: Powerful with unique ability to transform itself

S-Class cabriolet goes to pretty much every effort imaginable to cosset you from the vulgarities of the world

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The little Kia with a lot of Soul

If a million bucks is out of your league for a family runaround, I found the new Kia Soul to be quite an excellent, urban-proof little car

Mercedes E-Class — renewed focus on technology and connectivity

However you look at it, it is a superb piece of engineering and technology. Whether it beats its rivals, we will only be able to tell after spending a little more time with it

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Is this the car to finally dethrone the mighty Golf?

It's easy to see why the Europeans love the Astra, with its zing, dash of character, and a twinkle in its eye

Coming soon: Race cars without drivers

But will technology without the human element entertain us or bore us?

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Ford Mustang GT: The highly imperfect car I absolutely love

This is not a car that can be entirely dismissed by a list of rational comparisons. Whatever its failings in measurable terms, the Mustang is a hell of a lot of fun

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Volvo's new XC90: Style and elegance in its simplicity

The new XC90 is designed with humanness, empathy and a generosity of spirit seldom seen elsewhere

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Mercedes S500e: Perfect for the parsimonious plutocrat

The new Mercedes-Benz S500e is a giant plutocratic luxo-barge of a sedan that uses a 10th of the fuel of an old Beetle

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I'm older, saner and strangely attracted to a van

It's good from time to time to remind oneself that there are alternatives for families, and the Kia Grand Sedona is a truly compelling example

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BMW 435i Gran Coupé: Cleverly put together for the family-minded owner

In terms of complaints, there are very few. It is a pretty immaculate example of automotive packaging

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New Caravelle runs rings around old Volkswagen Kombis

It's as though the old car commissioned a suit from a better tailor — it's instantly recognisable and yet fundamentally smarter

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BMW's new X1: Spacious and more comfortable to negotiate a bumpy year

Seems like last week that R500 000 bought a nice X3. So when downsizing expectations, the X1 has become a car you can downsize to without any shame

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Some sobering thoughts on road deaths

Vigilance needed as accidents are almost always preceded by road law infringement

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And my car of the year is ...

In second place comes the simply magnificent VW Up. It's a brutal hammer blow in the entry-level segment of the market. A true joy to drive

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Revamped Prius is the same, just much better

The Prius hasn't shifted its aim or found fault with the world it helped to shape. It’s just a much-improved version of its original self

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Loss of SA's motoring industry would be 'devastating'

The loss of the motor industry to SA would cost the country 670 000 jobs, R44-billion in taxes and 6% of GDP, says a report

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Rocky road ahead for backfiring motor industry

It looks like the South African motor industry is in for a particularly tough year

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Lexus ES250 — A luxurious sedan spacious enough to fit in a few Springboks

I can't think of a car that offers this kind of rear space for double the price that comes anywhere close to the spec levels

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Citroën Cactus: Cheap, clever and full of character

The Cactus surely must be the battiest, barmiest wonky what-what to hit the roads since the last mad Citroen

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Jaguar XE: The right car at the wrong time

I want the XE to do well not only because it deserves success, but also because it will give folks in Munich, Stuttgart and Ingolstadt something else to think about

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Cars will still get us revved up in the cyber-drive era

Writing off the capacity of the great car companies to create brilliant technological interfaces is a mug's game

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Opel Mokka: A better car in (almost) every way

I’ll go to my grave loving 4x4s and sports cars and swoopy four-door coupes

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Meet my contender for car of the year

The full plug-in hybrid GLE500e has a 40km electric-only range, a switch to toggle to the engine, and automatic mode if you need help deciding

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Car companies will speedily autocorrect their tech troubles

This industry moves so fast that any legislation will be comically out of date by the time they get round to passing it

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New Volvo XC90: Unencumbered by history or platforms

When did you recently hear of a relatively small car firm developing a new platform, engines and design language in one go?

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The R3m monster I found waiting in my driveway

It's rather wonderful to know that the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe engines are assembled by humans because they just do it better

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BMW X6M: When voodoo and engineering come together

The BMW X6M I’ve been driving recently is, dare I say it, utterly insane if it wants to be

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Why we need estate cars. And the FBI

Sometimes a chap just wants something sensible and classy for the school run

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BMW 435i Gran Coupé: Perfect car to take your mind off load-shedding

The Gran Coupé has a remarkable solution to load-shedding's terrible twin — traffic snarl-ups

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Behold: The ultimate family SUV

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a truly brilliantly conceived family car, making it extremely difficult to resist getting yourself one

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Mercedes-Benz 230E: The pinnacle of automotive engineering

It remains the most popular model Mercedes-Benz — 2.7 million units were sold, more than 77 000 of which were built in East London

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SA will never experience the feeling of buying 100% locally made cars

SA is not a natural place to build cars, so we will always have to rely on import cars brands to get around

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: The necessary vanity project

Motor companies know the concept of monument pride. Sometimes they build a car that will lose them money as long as it advances the brand

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Nothing normal about 287 deaths on SA roads over Easter

South Africans fond of a social media rage-train will not tweet that the dead are being dehumanised by callous — or even racist — reporting

The eVolvolution of the motor car

'We don’t want to shout louder than the German rivals. We want to shout differently'

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Hopefully Clarkson has learned to check his privilege, and behave

Top Gear's firing of Jeremy Clarkson had more to do with elite’s need to impose itself, and enforce acceptable standards on how a person should behave

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Porsche makes it three in a row with the Macan

After victory with the Boxster and Cayman S models in 2013 and 2014 respectively, Porsche have bagged a third consecutive title with the Macan

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Car of the year: Does anyone really care?

Winning car of the year is a feather in the cap of car manufacturers, but the average buyer at motoring showrooms doesn't really care which vehicle is better than the rest

SUVs are the new luxury sedans

The race is on to build the super luxury SUV — so start saving now

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It’s Up, Up and away for VW

The genius of the Up is that it's not a mini-Polo. It stands outside of the VW family like a boisterous puppy

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Awakening a monster in the Porsche Boxster

Pound for pound, rand for rand, the Boxster GTS is one of the finest driving cars in the Porsche line-up at the moment

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In praise of the internal combustion engine

Efficient, powerful and low on fuel consumption, the engines of today are a marvel

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New Honda Civic Tourer drops eco features to go retro

An old-tech Honda to remind us how quickly we grow accustomed to new technology, and how easily we forget its original purpose

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Power and pomp in a pretty package

The Mercedes SL65 AMG commands respect — both from onlookers and the driver

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Honda launches its beautiful, third generation Jazz

Honda’s third generation Jazz has a much sharper demeanour than its forebear, writes Lerato Matebese

New 'smart' Ford Fusion sedan packs more value than status

A slick design and loads of cool tech features make the new Ford Fusion instantly stand out from other sedans in South Africa

Brutal brilliance: Lamborghini’s 448kw V10 Huracan

Lamborghini has added a dose of refinement to its latest bull but the Huracan is still a real supercar

2015: The year car tech will prevail

This year will see new trends and challenges for the industry and the motorist

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VW Kombi epitomises the South African dream

Dorps are better visited than lived in — and the VW Kombi is perfect for the trip

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My best car of the year, without a doubt

Packed with tech, unmatched comfort and a stonking 430kw engine, you can't argue against this beast

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Audi unveils its mean little monster

German carmaker has launched its smallest S model in the form of the S1, due in SA in 2015

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2015 will see some great cars and more bad politics

There may be deadlock in politics but next year will see some motoring novelties

Mercedes launches car missile

Motor News travelled to California to test the 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS

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Mexican growth and the five-door Mini

They haven’t flipped the V at Uncle Sam and cosied up to Venezuela. They’ve stayed the course

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Hot diggety dog! Preparing to break the land speed record

Motor News travelled to the Northern Cape to witness the progress of the Bloodhound SSC land speed record project

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Datsun is back, but is its cheap little car safe enough?

Don’t let this Datsun’s lack of airbags stop it from being a vehicle of social change

How the way South Africans buy cars is going to change

Mark Smyth spoke to Associated Motor Holdings CEO Manny de Canha about the current and future state of the South African car market

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Cruising in a fully automated Merc

Terrible traffic may change motoring as people hire drivers so they can work on their way to work

Driving Nissan's new X-Trail

Mark Smyth had to double take as he put the new Nissan X-Trail through its paces

BMW's bouncer goes to Harvard

Business Day's Motor News travelled Stateside to experience the latest generation BMW X6

Conquering my fear of motorbikes

Joining the two-wheeled brigade has opened up a whole new lifestyle for me

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Filling up once a month is bliss with a hybrid

It is not only high petrol prices that make me think the hybrid will live on

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Nissan unveils the Qashqai's sibling

The third generation X-Trail has been launched in South Africa to sit above the Qashqai crossover in the line-up

Roving eyes firmly fixed on the Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport looks set to be a serious threat to rivals, boasting an interior filled with great quality materials

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Heritage in the making with the Renault 4x4 Duster

Renault's poor reputation is a thing of the past. And its Duster 4x4 offers remarkable value

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All we wanna do is ride, Sally, ride

No one would want to slow the new Mustang down, writes Thomas Falkiner

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Upstart Nissan shows class

The Q50 is what happens when Nissan tries to build a 3-Series. On first encounter you get the feeling that some money has been saved inside, where a lot of dark plastic abounds.

Lamborghini reveals ace at Paris Motor Show

A few manufacturers certainly kept some surprises under wraps for the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Lamborghini was one.

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Audi TT: Taking cool to a new level

We travelled to Malaga, Spain for a first drive impression of the third generation TT. It has now found a more dynamic styling mojo.


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