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Cape Law Society calls for probe into Shaun Abrahams

"We urge the NDPP to submit to such an investigation by an independent and objective group of people"

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Malema rails against Mugabe and "white people"

"We are poor because of whites‚ we don't have jobs because of whites‚ we are dying of sicknesses because of whites!"

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How the cabinet rebellion weakens Zuma

"The fact that at least six ministers have openly defied Zuma’s authority as head of government means that their relationship of trust no longer exists"

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Hlaudi Motsoeneng: Education is dangerous and so are foreigners

"I won't take a break. Unlike Brian Molefe‚ I will run to where the noise is coming"

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Zuma flew to Cuba in chartered Angolan plane while presidential jet was 'fully functional'

"The chartering of the plane from Bestfly is not only in contravention of clear government directives‚ it is also costing taxpayers millions"

The real reason why the ANC is unable to hold Zuma to account

The party's vision of itself as a 'revolutionary force' fails to acknowledge that power resides in an open society

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Zuma supporters want Gordhan, Hanekom fired

"Those who are mobilising for people to resign must resign themselves"

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New public protector launches fresh attack on Thuli Madonsela

Mkhwebane asks parliament to explain “what precedent” is being set by calling Madonsela to give evidence

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Mantashe's spin can't hide the grim damage that is to come

The ANC has taken an extreme political risk. The inability to make a crucial decision of change may still come back to haunt them

LIVE BLOG: ANC announcement on Zuma's future

The ANC is announcing the outcome of its three day debate on Zuma. Follow it as it happens here

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Ministers 'nearly exchanged blows' in heated debate on Zuma's future

Fears that Zuma will embark on a 'vengeful mission' against those who called for him to step down

Hanekom has the courage to challenge Zuma's reign of fear

'By 2019, every positive gift inherited from the Mandela and Mbeki administrations will have been destroyed'

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'Paranoid' Zuma protected by 88 bodyguards

The budget was R2.4-billion in the 2015-2016 financial year

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New public protector lays a charge against Thuli Madonsela over Zuma leak

A case has been opened at the Brooklyn police station in connection with the "leak"

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Russian 'agreement' to Zuma nuclear deal set for major court battle

'The agreement with Russia, called the Strategic Partnership on Nuclear Power and Industry, is at the crux of concerns about the nuclear deal'

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Cosatu: Why we are backing Ramaphosa

"You keep raising Marikana when the commission put in place found Cyril not guilty"

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Hlaudi? He's just a glorified PR, says SABC

"He is a glorified public relations officer ... [This] is not a defining role as he had as chief operating officer"

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South Africa: Is there a path to political paradise?

'Entrenched interests won't allow the march of democracy or the dictates of the constitution to jar the comfort of their worlds'

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Zuma: Banks decision to close Gupta accounts was 'suspicious'

'Just to stand willy-nilly and close accounts does not look innocent'

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WATCH: Zuma answers questions in Parliament

It's the final Q&A of the year, and the opposition are preparing fireworks ...

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Guptas threaten to take 'steps' against Stephen Grootes over interview

'Grootes is also invited to substantiate his false‚ defamatory claim'

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Hawks 'investigating' charges against Zuma

'We are another step closer to seeing Jacob Zuma face the consequences of his corruption'

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The Gupta interview, redacted

One lie after the other, Ajay Gupta tried to explain it all away

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ANC meeting with veterans 'a bit heated'. Is there a way forward?

The call for consultative conference is also an agenda point that is being discussed at the NWC meeting

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POLITICS LIVE: When a picture is worth a thousand words

Monday 21 November 2016

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Rebel veterans meet ANC over Zuma and future direction of the party

The veterans have questioned President Jacob Zuma's fitness to hold office

Jacob Zuma: Liar-in-chief

Compare Zuma's speech about "witches" out to get him to that by Mcebisi Jonas about the fight against corruption

It is the year 2025 and Jacob Zuma is still in power ...

Holding power at all costs, he has suspended the constitution and rules by decree

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How Zuma's securocrats are closing down the public space

Many of these outrages have taken place in the 20 months when there has been no Inspector General of Intelligence

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Bunking MPs face the lash, says Jackson Mthembu

40 MPs were 'granted leave', the rest who didn't pitch up for crucial vote were bunking

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Pin your hopes on the constitution not a new 'beautiful' leader

"If you are waiting for the beautiful people, or even a beautiful leader in South Africa, it won’t happen"

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The parlous state of the nation's books

"Only 30% of the auditees had a clean audit status and 15% were either outstanding, disclaimed or had adverse opinions"

Not my circus, not my clowns

"My US friends and the scholars around me used words like devastated, anxious, worried and deeply disappointed"

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Communications minister comes out fighting for Hlaudi Motsoeneng

There was no need to advertise Motsoeneng's new position as he had held it before, said Faith Muthambi

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SRC president 'isn't registered as a student'

Tukwayo said university records show that Chiliza has never been registered at WSU

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A brief and twisted history of Robert Mugabe

How he went from the continent's model democrat to one of its autocratic outcasts

Malema and the black swan moment

"Finance minister Pravin Gordhan, stands like Horatio on the bridge trying to hold back the ratings agencies"

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Final showdown between Thuli Madonsela and Hlaudi Motsoeneng looms

Communications Minister Faith Muthambi is expected to testify

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POLITICS LIVE: Putin shows Zuma how it's done with pre-dawn arrest of Russian finance minister

Ulyukayev had been reluctant to sign off on state-controlled Rosneft’s purchase of smaller oil company Bashneft

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Malema: FW de Klerk should be in jail

'De Klerk must pray that I don‘t become president. If I do I will lock him up for many years'

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Mbeki's big mistake laid the ground for Zuma's defiance

By acting as a “loyal and disciplined member of the ANC”, he undermined the legitimacy of the constitution

Why Malema is in tune with the rise of the new right

The “politics of insurrection” are nearing the ANC while a populist Malema does exactly what a Trump has done

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Emboldened Zuma tells Madonsela to get stuffed

'Her unwarranted public attacks on the president‚ as happened in Stellenbosch on Thursday‚ are unbecoming and are not helpful'

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We can choose Jacob Zuma or we can choose South Africa

'We can choose to elevate one man above the law, or we can fight for every person to be equal before the law'

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The ANC will pay a heavy price for sticking with Zuma

'His moral underbelly was evident early on. He was never fit to be president'

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Fransman's 21-year-old victim 'grateful that justice is finally being served'

ANC suspends Marius Fransman for five years for sexual harassment

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How Zuma captured the state

'The republic could well be a crime scene entire, so we must tread carefully lest we contaminate the evidence'

The compromises that are killing us

'Agreements are being signed with violent minorities that would be inconceivable in peace times'

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Trump on Oscar Pistorius judge and Nelson Mandela

'As I have long been saying‚ South Africa is a total — and very dangerous — mess'

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WATCH: Johann Rupert's blunt message to Julius Malema

Speaking at the Sunday Times Top 100 event, Rupert asked Malema to stop lying about him

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How Parliament has failed South Africa

'Of great importance in this regard were the detailed observations the Court made about what it means to govern'

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Trump victory stuns world

'Looks like this will be the year of the double disaster of the West'

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Madonsela admits to 'releasing' Zuma interview tape to prove he was treated fairly

'I made a decision that my interview with the president must be made public'

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ANC backs Zuma, attacks Madonsela

The committee has instead chosen to attack Madonsela, questioning her findings and her integrity

POLITICS LIVE: So you thought Julius Malema was a constitution-fearing liberal?

Malema has always been an operator, a populist and an opportunist, I'm afraid to say

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Dear Member of Parliament: It's time to do the right thing

An open letter to all members of the House of Assembly ahead of the No Confidence motion due on 10 November 2016

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Why it's the end of the road for Zuma and the ANC

'As the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance may win most votes at the polls and, in coalition, supplant the ANC'

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Protests as Malema is due to appear in court under 'Riotous Assemblies Act'

'We say‚ ‘Expropriation of land with no compensation. If that is illegal then the EFF is an illegal party'

The flies are buzzing around Zuma's national mess

'We walked through the hospital to the ward where Leviticus was. Dustbins piled high with rubbish greeted us'

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E-mails reveal Hawks boss wants final say on prosecutions

Last year he questioned the authority of former NPA head Mxolisi Nxasana to review the McBride case

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SA's billion-dollar question: Should Jacob Zuma get amnesty so he goes quietly?

At first sight, the idea is a tempting one. But probe just a little bit deeper ...

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Talk to me, not Madonsela, about state capture report, says new public protector

'If members of the media need any information about the report ... the office has the ‘institutional memory’ to explain all of that'

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How the power game inside the ANC is played

Zuma was re-elected in 2012 as president of the party based on a fraudulent (Willy Wonka) ticket

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Madonsela doesn't buy Molefe's crocodile tears

 “He was a master of diversion today,” she said of his emotional attack on her

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Who are our real saints and sinners?

'I am not buying this play of self-proclaimed virtuous antagonists, it gives very little substance on the question of true economic restructuring'

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Dear Comrade President - Mbeki's letter to Zuma

'It is perfectly obvious that very many among the 101 Veterans are in fact eminently politically very senior to many who currently serve'

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A hobbled Zuma awaits his fate

'Given the role played by Zuma’s son, Duduzane, the President has indeed been compromised'

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The day I turned down R600m - Mcebisi Jonas

'He asked if Mr Jonas had a bag which he could use to receive and carry R600,000 in cash immediately'

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Minister tells how she was fired after Zuma pressure over Eskom board

Public Enterprises Minister Barbara Hogan tells how she was fired after Zuma and Mantashe 'took an interest' in board appointments

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How Zuma used every trick in the book not to answer Madonsela's questions

'The President’s legal advisor argued emphatically that the matter should be deferred to the incoming Public Protector for conclusion'

It's time Cyril Ramaphosa took a bold stand

Where is the courage shown by Pravin Gordhan and Thuli Madonsela?

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Madonsela's state capture report: Five key findings

Did Zuma involve the Guptas, and his son, in ministerial appointments and removals?

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The questions Madonsela asked Zuma

'For us it is not about you refuting people’s allegations‚ Sir. It is about you just telling us what do you know'

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Was that the day the game changed for South Africa?

Somewhere in here, its voice still clear and true amid the clamour, is a working democracy

LIVE BLOG: The release of the state capture report as it happens

The Pretoria High Court has ordered the release of the public protector's state capture report. Follow its release as it happens here

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POLITICS LIVE: Why these are Zuma's final days in power

Wednesday 2 November 2016

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WATCH: Courtroom erupts in celebration as judge orders release of 'state capture' report

Judge says report must be made public by 5pm after Zuma withdraws interdict application

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Opposition demands release of 'state capture' report after Zuma withdraws interdict

Zuma’s counsel‚ Anthea Platt SC‚ informed the court that she had received instructions to withdraw her client’s application

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Zuma withdraws interdict against Madonsela's 'state capture' report

“My instructions are to withdraw the application‚” Zuma’s advocate Anthea Platt told the court

Shaun Abrahams and the great trick or treat

'He has a great sense of humour and — given the comedy of errors he presides over — an exquisite sense of timing'

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Gupta man blitzes MPs with email on state capture

'We would like to keep you apprised of the facts, cut through the media ‘noise‘ and ensure you have an accurate understanding'

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WATCH: Judge Dunstan Mlambo rules opposition party's can fight Zuma interdict against 'state capture' report

The judge ruled that they may participate in the case 'with costs'