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An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg from the world's fact-checkers

'Facebook should strengthen users’ ability to identify fake posts and false news by themselves'

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Giant icy ocean discovered beneath Pluto's surface

Pluto's ocean, which is likely slushy with ice, lies 150 to 200 km beneath the dwarf planet's icy surface

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There's a supermoon a-rising tonight

If you miss it, you’ll have to wait to around November 25, 2034 for another chance

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Is South Africa ready for the shale gas revolution?

'Considerable uncertainties exist regarding the extent of these reserves and the geology at depths where they are typically found'

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Scientists discover first fossilised brain tissue from dinosaur

'The chances of preserving brain tissue are incredibly small, so the discovery of this specimen is astonishing'

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Tue Dec 06 04:54:33 SAST 2016