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An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg from the world's fact-checkers

'Facebook should strengthen users’ ability to identify fake posts and false news by themselves'

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Giant icy ocean discovered beneath Pluto's surface

Pluto's ocean, which is likely slushy with ice, lies 150 to 200 km beneath the dwarf planet's icy surface

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There's a supermoon a-rising tonight

If you miss it, you’ll have to wait to around November 25, 2034 for another chance

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Is South Africa ready for the shale gas revolution?

'Considerable uncertainties exist regarding the extent of these reserves and the geology at depths where they are typically found'

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Scientists discover first fossilised brain tissue from dinosaur

'The chances of preserving brain tissue are incredibly small, so the discovery of this specimen is astonishing'

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Silence of the Mars rover has scientists puzzled

Radio transmissions stopped around 50 seconds before the planned touchdown on Mars

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Times Media wins awards for election app and new website

In just one week during the elections the app attracted more than 200,000 readers

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Elon Musk announces plan for 'Mars rocket'

'The risk of fatality will be high. There's no way around it'

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Water 'plumes' spotted on Jupiter's moon, Europa

Europa is considered one of the most promising candidates for life in the solar system

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'Meh' reception for iPhone 7 at stores around the world

'I found last year that there were crowds of people, but this year almost no one'

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WATCH | Here's how SA data costs compare with the rest of the world

Analyst says that compared with countries in the Middle East‚ Europe‚ Asia and the Americas‚ data in South Africa is the most expensive

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First self-driving Uber hits the streets in the US today

'If Uber scores a home run with this it's going to be wonderful for the planet'

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SA scientists discover dark matter boson

It has been named the Madala boson, derived from the word for 'old' in Zulu

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Tshwane man finds historic Apollo space flight computer

How did a South African engineer stumble upon one of the great treasures of the computer age?

Malmö: Where there's political will, there's a way

The Swedish city offers a grand example of what can be done not only with an abundance of talent but also with the will from local government

When two ministers outdo each other in idiocy

The Ministry of Funny Walks continues battling the Ministry of Hlaudi-protection

First time I used Skype, I committed an illegal act

Internet telephony was outlawed in SA, as the Department of Communications upheld a law that gave Telkom a monopoly on all forms of telecommunications, except cellular

Drowning in a sea of app messages

Messaging, far from making our lives easier, is now a never-ending treadmill

How underdog Telkom turned the data game on its head

Last week the fixed-line behemoth one upped the dominant networks with its own aggressively cheap deals

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Solar plane completes journey around the world

The plane, Solar Impulse 2, touched down in the United Arab Emirates capital at 0005 GMT

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New map of the brain the most sophisticated ever

The map could assist in the study of brain maladies such as autism, schizophrenia, dementia and epilepsy

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SA 'Meerkat' telescope discovers 1300 new galaxies

Under construction in the Karoo and operating at only a quarter of its capacity‚ the telescope is already producing powerful images

The mobile game that resurrected Nintendo

Because of Pokémon Go, Nintendo's shares surged 24.5% on Monday alone, the stock's best day since 1983 — adding $7.5-billion to its value

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Green light for new '5G' cellular data

US commission voted to open nearly 11 gigahertz of high-frequency spectrum for mobile

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Why Pokemon Go is the next big thing for business

The game sees players roam real neighbourhoods to hunt down virtual cartoon characters

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Fearsome new predator dinosaur uncovered

Fossils of Gualicho, named after an evil spirit, were discovered in Argentina

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SA's top military secrets stolen

Armscor attack is 'up there with some of the world's biggest hacks'

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Hi-jack alert was 'an anomaly', says Airlink

'We have been in contact with our pilots & can confirm that no hijacking has taken place'

How incompetence of ministers cost us a vital asset

The sale of Neotel is an indictment of the incompetence of successive communications ministers, whose bungling has cost the country untold billions

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Space oddity: Giant planet dancing with three stars discovered

The findings challenge current notions about what makes a planetary system viable

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The frightening new age of the drone jet-fighter

The US Air Force will soon field unmanned F-16s as front line combat drones

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Nasa's Juno enters Jupiter orbit

Juno will fly in egg-shaped orbits, each one lasting 14 days, to peer through the planet's thick clouds

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Investigation into Tesla 'autopilot' car crash that killed man

The accident killed 40-year-old Joshua Brown on a clear, dry roadway

Oracle vs Google — like a cricket test match

The latest patent feud between Oracle and Google is about as exciting as watching a cricket test match end in a draw

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Hackers threaten Julius Malema website

'EFF troll army are trolling us with their racist drivel, guess they don't like their website'

Has Telkom turned the corner?

Telkom is now worth R34-billion, after its shares climbed 8.3% to R65, as it released its results on Monday

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Why internet access is becoming a human right

It is time to demand the 'positive right' of affordable access if we want internet freedom for all

There's a new 'war' for your home

Google is trying to catch up with Amazon with a voice assistant in the latest round of home automation attempts

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Twitter drops photos, video from 140 character limit

Links currently take up to 23 characters of a tweet, limiting the commentary that users can offer

It kills me to say it but even Donald Trump must be allowed to speak

Facebook's trending bias scandal reveals how powerful the 1.66 billion-strong social network's influence has become

The monkey on Google's back

Unrealistic expectations by Wall Street of what the technology giants' growth should be are affecting the firms’ performance

Even Apple's gravity-defying run of growth has to end sometime

In the past quarter its revenue fell 13% year-on-year to $50.6-billion; while iPhone sales fell 16% to 51.2 million

Prince: King who embraced new tech as often as he broke conventions

He touched several generations with his abundance of musical genius. He produced an album a year and left 48 collections of epoch-defining songs behind

Chatbots are the new, new thing

These software robots, ironically, are used to conquer the bold new frontiers of human interaction

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Anonymity in a connected world is a façade

In the era of big data, people would be ill-informed to assume that their digital activity is not being stored by service providers

Tech startups in SA and the complementary boom

It's a vote of confidence that organisations such as Techstars and SU have opened up shop in SA and are opening doors for African startups to get access to US funding and expertise

Tesla Model 3: The new Apple

The compact luxury Tesla Model 3 received 276 000 pre-orders in two days, ushering in a new era

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Did you know? As of Tuesday, all WhatsApp messages are encrypted

As of Tuesday the entirety of WhatsApp messages will be supported by end-to-end encryption

The man who put Intel inside

Andy Grove’s rags-to-riches life story is the stuff of legend

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Microsoft shuts down its AI Twitter bot after racist tweets

Chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to engage with millennials on Twitter, lasted less than a day before it was hobbled

Remembering defining symbol of our digital age

It is used not only for e-mail, but on Twitter to identify and tag other users — and now on a plethora of other social media and communication networks

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Apple announces new 'cheap' iPhone

The new device , called the iPhone SE, has a 4-inch (10-cm) screen and starts at $399

The best brain food with America's biggest star

Barack Obama is the first sitting US president to speak at the South by Southwest conference, and his wife Michelle was also in the lineup

Combatting identity theft

SA has not experienced the scale of identity theft that has ravaged the US for the past decade. But it won't escape for long

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Beware the hungry apps that feast on your cellphone data

Apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail drain mobile data at an alarming rate

Apple vs the FBI: A fight over privacy and security

The erosion of any personal liberties by any state is always cause for concern, even if the reasons may seem benign

BlackBerry and Android: A blend of the best

The unlikely scenario of BlackBerry making an Android phone might just be the tonic for the struggling smartphone maker

Forget the user numbers. Twitter is vital for communication

The obsession of Wall Street and Silicon Valley with growth of its user base is misplaced. Twitter remains the most important social media network

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Can an iPhone be hacked? Yes, but it's difficult

Apple’s iPhone, particularly the newer models, has sophisticated encryption technology, triggered by a PIN

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50 dead as dread disease hits Angola

Health experts say the outbreak has been exacerbated by a breakdown in sanitation services and rubbish collection

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Apple to launch new iPhone, iPad in March

On the cards is a new 4-inch iPhone 5se and a new iPad Air

Google over Apple

Apple earned $234-billion in 2015, compared with Google's $74-billion. Compare that to other behemoths, it doesn't seem possible that Google should have top dog status

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Einstein's ripples in space and time detected

The researchers said they identified gravitational waves coming from two distant black holes

'Mobile is eating the world' just got a huge fillip

Mobile ad revenue hit $4.5-billion, a staggering 81% increase. Mobile now accounts for 80% of total ad revenue, Facebook says

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UN declares Zika virus 'international emergency'

The move lends official urgency to research funding and other steps to stem the spread of the virus

When SA was thrust into the internet dark ages

Most of us are active on some form of social media. We use WhatsApp or messaging apps and check our e-mail to relieve our FOMO (fear of missing out)

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Zika virus may be as tough to beat as Ebola

Pregnant women who travelled to South America and Caribbean are terrified, with some justification

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Hottest year on record 'was man-made'

'Climate change is real, human-caused and no longer subtle - we're seeing it play out before our eyes'

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Could artificial intelligence worsen inequality?

Universities and independent research organisations should seek ways for optimising the economic, social, political and ethical effects of the digital revolution

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Warning: Artificial intelligence may be more dangerous than nukes

Central to the Internet of Things is the expanded role of artificial intelligence, which seeks to reduce the need for human intervention

SA's cell giants don't want competition

SMSes are the most effective communication mechanism in the world, and the most expensive. For the networks, they are by far the most profitable

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Facebook launches sports platform

'With 650 million sports fans, Facebook is the world's largest stadium,' said the social network giant

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Our robotic future

Nearly half of those questioned by the WEF expect an artificial intelligence machine to be sitting on a board of directors within the next decade

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Evidence of humanity's first ever war found — in Kenya

Fossils of a band of people massacred by arrows, clubs and stone blades were found on the shores of a lagoon

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New planet discovered hiding in our solar system

'It's a pretty substantial chunk of our solar system that's still out there to be found'

Twitter: First gaming hybrid where virtual reality affects reality itself

One doesn't think of social media as a game but to do so is an interesting exercise. Take Twitter, for example

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What does it mean to 'think' and could a machine ever do it?

As we strive to make machines complete more complex tasks, it's time to ask again: will they ever be able to think? But what is thinking anyway?

2015: The year of online revolutions

From #JeSuisCharlie to #FeesMustFall, 2015 has been a year of online revolutions, unicorns and donations to charity

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The next big thing: Virtual reality will spring to life in 2016

In the first half of 2016, HTC’s Vive, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, and Sony’s PS VR headsets go on sale

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Wits scientists may have discovered new particle

A new window of opportunity has opened to discover new particles and interactions in nature

It's the age of the binge-watcher

Binge-watching has transformed our viewing habits while making online-only broadcasters a new force in the TV business

Bye-bye Betamax: Superior technology has lost out to the cheaper kind

The Betamax recorder ushered in this new world of on-demand viewing. By recording live TV, it started the transformation of how we consume TV

Black-buried: BlackBerry adopts technology that knocked it off its perch

From the time of BlackBerry's peak in 2010 until 2013, the share price lost 87% of its value

The cloud — the profit engine for firms that have rolled with the changes

Cloud computing now accounts for a large amount of business for the big players, especially Amazon, Google and Microsoft

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Wanted by NASA: Astronauts to prepare for Mars mission

'The agency will accept applications from Dec. 14 through mid-February and expects to announce candidates selected in mid-2017'

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Did you notice? Twitter has replaced its 'star' button with a 'heart' icon

Move appears to be an attempt to imitate Facebook's like button

Live by the toyi-toyi, die by the toyi-toyi

Twitter is living up to its hype as "the front page of news"

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Quantum experiment disproves Einstein's scepticism

Einstein was deeply unhappy with quantum theory and described its implications as akin to God playing dice

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Gene editing takes a frightening leap forward

In a typical experiment, scientists alter a single gene. But in recent work they have altered 62 genes at once

Forget Facebook, it's all about WhatsApp

Ignore the Facebook Reactions hype. The company's new satellite initiative with Eutelsat and the rise of Whatsapp are the real story

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Elon Musk's Tesla releases self-steering car

'We're being especially cautious at this stage so we're advising drivers to keep their hands on the wheel just in case'

Apple's ad-blocking apocalypse shakes up mobile

The 'ad-block apocalypse' has reveled the scope of advertising and intrusive tracking on websites

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Is Greenpeace right to say SA is the world's third best solar location?

A cartoon image that went viral on Facebook depicted South Africa as the third best solar location globally. How on earth do you measure and rank that?

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Is education in Africa on the verge of a revolution?

A tech start-up from the bustling entrepreneurial hub that is Nairobi has achieved what is an inspiring solution to Africa's education problem

TV ain't what it never wasn't. Just different

Streaming services offer older content and what the industry calls the “back catalogue”

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Apple car to hit the streets in 2019

The project has been code-named Titan and its leaders have been given permission to triple the 600-person team

Is the ANC trying to keep us in the digital dark ages?

The deadline for switching over to digital terrestrial television (DTT) has already passed and SA is years away from meeting it

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Trevor Noah crowned SA Social Star of 2015

He provides a powerful case study of how brands can leverage social networks through quality content

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Coming soon to Facebook: A 'dislike' button

Zuckerberg said the new button would probably be more nuanced than a simple thumbs-down option

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World War 3 watch: Russian air force on the rise

'I don't think it's controversial to say they've closed the gap in capability,' says US Air Force General


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